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A blockbuster is a work of entertainment—typically used to describe a feature film, but also other media—that is highly popular and financially successful. [6] After the success of Jaws and Star Wars, many Hollywood producers attempted to create similar "event" films with wide commercial appeal, and film companies began green-lighting increasingly large-budget films, and relying extensively on massive advertising blitzes leading up to their theatrical release. A blockbuster is usually something that goes beyond the expectations attached to a super hit. Neale, Steve. Actor Richard Dreyfuss (left) (as marine biologist Hooper) and British author and actor Robert Shaw (as shark fisherman Quint) look off the stern of Quint's fishing boat the 'Orca' at the terrifying approach of the mechanical giant shark dubbed 'Bruce' in a scene from the film, How mRNA Tech Gave Us the 1st COVID-19 Vaccines. lamenting the death of the author-driven, "more artistic" small-scale films of the New Hollywood era (despite criticism of the praise the latter set of films received). 4. one who practices blockbusting. A Dec. 22, 1950, British Daily Mirror article predicted that Cecil B. DeMille’s Samson and Delilah (1949) would be a “box office blockbuster” when it opened in the U.K.; a review in the Nov. 14, 1951, issue of Variety called the movie Quo Vadis (1951) “a blockbuster” that was “right up there with The Birth of a Nation and Gone With the Wind for box office performance.” When the film opened in Italy in March 1953, TIME reported that it cost more than $6,500,000 to make (more than $60 million today) and was the third biggest-grossing film in movie history, boasting a take of $10.5 million (about $100 million today). * The request timed out and you did not successfully sign up. Meaning of blockbuster. In December 1950 the Daily Mirror predicted that Samson and Delilah would be "a box office block buster", and in November 1951 Variety described Quo Vadis as "a b.o. Making a blockbuster movie means that some other activities get fewer resources. The term has also come to refer to any large-budget production intended for "blockbuster" status, aimed at mass markets with associated merchandising, sometimes on a scale that meant the financial fortunes of a film studio or a distributor could depend on it. The term began to appear in the American press in the early 1940s,[1] referring to aerial bombs capable of destroying a whole block of buildings. Step Into History: Learn how to experience the 1963 March on Washington in virtual reality, Eventually, the idea of a blockbuster movie became associated with summer action flicks, especially after Steven Spielberg’s shark attack thriller Jaws, released June 20, 1975. The Meaning of ‘Blockbuster,’ From ‘Wonder Woman’ to Scoops on Trump A term often invoked for movies, politics and sports has its roots in World War II bombing raids Audiences interacted with such films, talked about them afterwards, and went back to see them again just for the thrill." Blockbusters are the type of movies that can be watched over and over again and Amazon Prime offers an endless library of movies to choose from. A true blockbuster is extremely popular and brings in a lot of money. You can also call a successful play or a new, popular video game a blockbuster. Write to Olivia B. Waxman at How to use blockbuster in a sentence. Ed. ... 'Godfather' was the first that I remember, movie, that was like a big blockbuster, then came other movies. Julien Stinger. 21 synonyms of blockbuster from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 26 related words, definitions, and antonyms. a very successful product, film, etc. The trade press subsequently appropriated the term as short-hand for a film's commercial potential. The term was actually first coined by publicists who drew on readers' familiarity with the blockbuster bombs, drawing an analogy with the bomb's huge impact. That transition too can be seen in the pages of TIME. Typically, a blockbuster is a fabulous summer movie that audiences line up to see the first weekend it's released. This film was the biggest blockbuster of the summer. You can unsubscribe at any time. Please attempt to sign up again. What does blockbuster mean? Meaning The meaning of "blockbuster" is originally from the Second World War. Hall posits that it took a few years after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for writers to feel comfortable using a bomb-based metaphor in such a lighthearted way, but it soon became clear that the entertainment meaning of blockbuster would win out over the military one. [3], The term fell out of usage in the aftermath of World War II but was revived in 1948 by Variety in an article about big budget films. Another trade advertisement in 1944 boasted that the war documentary, With the Marines at Tarawa, "hits the heart like a two ton blockbuster". Meaning you didn't know much about it besides the title.

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