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For their price range, the pencils are almost as good as those from professional brands, ranging from the quality of the lead core to the comfortable grip. $$$$$+ – We don’t include any of these sets on this page. However, the sets will be larger which allows for a more diverse range of color choices. However, they are worth mentioning. Working with these pencils is easier than expected since we don’t have to stress on each stroke because the colors are already vivid, which means only a few light strokes on one area is more than enough to provide full coverage. For those looking to experience a premium set you can get the 48-pack set of Prismacolor Premiers. We think they have a good range of sizes which can fit many requirements including children, students, beginners, and even professionals. Prang Groove Triangular Colored Pencils, 3.3 Millimeter... Artlicious - 50 Premium Distinct Colored Pencils for Adult... Sargent Art Premium Coloring Pencils, Pack of 50 Assorted... Faber Castell Premium Color Pencils, 60 colour. Final Word A new set of freshly sharpened colored pencils is a great addition to an artist’s tool kit. The reason the pencils are rich in pigments is because they contain wax in their core and therefore, they are smooth to work with. Blick is one of the most popular brand names which many artists turn to when it comes to purchasing art supplies from. Office and School Supplies at discount and wholesale prices. With the inclusion of an eraser and a sharpener, this is the perfect pack of colored pencils for learners and budgeted artists. If you’ve been around the world of art for some time, you’ll know that Faber-Castell is one of the most popular brands which deals with a variety of art supplies. Since they blend very well, we can mix two or more colors together if there is a shortage of one particular shade. 99. We would say that the only drawback is that the case can consume a lot of space if you’re a traveling artist. First of all, this set is pretty cheap compared to the contents inside. Here is another brand which offers 5 different set sizes of 52, 50, 36, 24, and 12 to ensure artists find the desired one for their drawing. The Finesse Colored Pencil Blender I've displayed below is designed specifically for colored pencils, but any marker blender will do (e.g. "@type": "ImageObject", While a bit more expensive than the cheapest tier, most of these colored pencils will still be on the lower end of the spectrum. "keywords": ["Best Cheap Colored Pencils","Best Cheap Colored Pencils Reviews","Cheap Colored Pencils","Best Colored Pencils"], However, they typically should be reasonably accurate. The first thing worth mentioning is that they are also the easiest to use since they are portable and do not require preparation except for a quick sharpening, of course. 7 Best Electric Pencil Sharpener For Colored Pencils in 2021. They deliver very good results and come at a very affordable price. Because of this, we don’t have to press too hard on the paper in order to achieve brilliant and colorful lines. These wholesale budget-friendly bulk colored pencils are good for both office supplies and school supplies as well as art supplies. It serves both as a benefit and a loss for the artist, depending on how you want to use it. Artlicious is a brand which produces a lot of art supplies – from wet paints to multiple extras. With 50 shades in the set, we find it to be a great deal given the very affordable price. Prismacolor Scholar™ Colored Pencils are well suited for the developing artist. Get School Colored Pencils at Wholesale Prices, Get Big Savings! The pencils blend pretty well when mixed together and they offer opaque coverage after a few strokes or layerings. 5 Pencil Minimum - Feel free to mix and match colors to meet requirement. }, Your email address will not be published. In fact, we recommend people have a cheaper set of colored pencils around for those areas of their piece that simply need a lot of color application. It’s a good choice for anyone who seeks to experience professional quality products at the lowest price possible. Includes a sturdy storage case that folds open to display the pencils while in use. Details. Warehouse Sale: BOGO 50% all Sales & Deals SHOP SALE NOW. }, "", We feel these options do a great job of capturing the quality and color options available at that given price range and we hope that will make the buying experience much easier for you as well. $62.99 $ 62. "url": "" But keeping that aside, the pencils blend very well on paper and delivers great results altogether. Prang is well known for producing art supplies which are affordable for everyone. And personally, we find this additional feature to be good enough for something that technically came for free. "description": "Kick start your drawing journey with cheap and cool colored pencils before anything else! After a few hours of research, we found that these are the best cheapest colored pencils in the market today, although some of them come at a higher price than most. Join our mailing list to receive the latest colored pencil reviews and articles! Even this small set comes in Fantasia’s attractive tin case as well. 11 Best Colored Pencils for Beginners & Professional Artists, 33 Best Art Supplies for Kids and Why You Need Them, 13 Best Sharpener For Colored Pencils in 2021 Reviewed, 11 Best Adult Coloring Books That Will Color Your Mood, 7 Best Electric Pencil Sharpener For Colored Pencils in 2021, 10 Best Paper For Colored Pencils in 2021 Reviewed, Learn How to Shade With Colored Pencils Swiftly & Correctly, 12 Colored Pencil Tips & Tricks to Enhance Your Skill, Learn How To Use Colored Pencils | 12 Brilliant Beginner Techniques, 6 Best Erasable Colored Pencils Right Now. This is a great set for the price. Likewise, the colored pencils also come at a very cheap price which is a pretty good deal compared to the number of 72 colors in the box. We also include direct links to our full reviews of each type of pencil if you would like to learn more about them. They hold all the basic properties of good colored pencils for getting started. Castle Art Supplies 120 Colored Pencils Set for Adults... 11 Best Face Paints of 2021 Reviewed | Top Brands Compared, 9 Best White Face Paint For Cosplay, Clowns & Halloween, Ideal set for those who are looking for a well-known and reliable brand, Innovative ergonomic shape with Natural grip zone, the pencils provide excellent performance, These pencils are made from reforested wood, Because the pencils are soft, they provide a smooth feel to your drawings. Prismacolor Premier colored pencils are of excellent quality. $46.49. Top Cheap Colored Pencils. Equipped with creamy and thick cores that provide smooth, even coverage. It is mus knowing the colors to make a sketch perfect. The pigment firmly grabs onto the paper without flaking off after leaving the artwork untouched even for hours. If you are new to this brand and want to check out the effects of these pencils, you can start with the pack that contains a minimum number of 12 pencils at a very low price. As a result of this feature, they become pretty easy to blend when we have to mix shades or layer them on our textured surface. Colors of the World … The soft, smooth leads allow for easy blending and shading. As far as we know, the only setback here would be the diameter of the core which is just 3.3mm. Similar to Prismacolor and Blick’s colored pencils, these are also very smooth and they make application very easy. There are various ways that you can make sure that your colored pencils last longer while still getting just as much (if not more) usage out of them. Despite only coming with 12 pencils, this Fantasia set still offers a nice variety of colors. "mainEntityOfPage": "", You don’t have to worry about any of these options costing hundreds of dollars! If you’re looking forward to doing small and simple artworks without spending too much time on it, these colored pencils would be the right choice. "@type": "ImageObject", Type. To assist with this, we have compiled a list of what we believe are the best colored pencils for certain budgets, with even the most expensive option being rather reasonable. Prismacolor 3598t PREMIER SOFT CORE COLORED PENCILS - 48 Count. Make sure that they are stored in a cool, dry place and are properly secured from being dropped or stepped on. like those made by Copic or Ohuhu). Artists regularly use colored pencils in their drawings because they offer a range of possibilities—especially in their hues. Office and School Supplies at discount and wholesale prices. Many of these sets will be designed for kids or those just starting with colored pencils and will typically have very hard cores that are typical of budget sets. Out of Stock (5) 2 Reviews. Even the highest-end lines will have full sets that you can afford at this premium price. Instead of having to choose from good brands and buy them separately, the ones included in the pack are more than enough to fulfill your needs. But if you are after the very best, you will have to pay accordingly. The Studio Series Colored Pencil Set is made by a book publisher who is mostly known for his contribution to the adult coloring books collection with Doodle Design, Tropical Paradise, and more. Free Shipping. Wholesale best colored pencils online at discount prices from China best wholesalers on Crayola Bulk Colored Pencils, Pre-sharpened, Back to School Supplies, 12 Assorted Colors, Pack of 24. You Won’t Believe What Colored Pencils Are Made Of! "url": "" While we can achieve perfect strokes, this can also take a lot of time and energy when working on larger pieces. But that does not mean beginners should shy away from them as they can be good for learning how quality pencils work. ", -Properly store your colored pencils. Instead, just consistent light touches will do the work. Large medium-grade sets will be had here as well as somewhat smaller standalone premium sets. One aspect of these pencils that stand out from the rest is their lead core size, which is 3.3mm small. blue Violet,... 50 distinct colored pencils with sharpener, Pre-sharpened non-rain forest harvested wood. Instead, just a regular mechanical sharpener will work fine. For many years, it has been serving artists with wallet-friendly materials. Depending on the desired user or application, it might not be necessary to purchase one of the premium lines. While quite a few of the premium sets could be had in 18 and 24-pack sets in this price range, we decided to go a different route. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if budget constraints are a bit laxer then the extra effort should be taken in seeing which set works best for you with the many options that open up. With careful shopping, you will even find acceptable premium sets that will have an adequate number of color choices to make most people happy. They also come in a very simple and neat packaging which is can be used by artists of any age. While many out there may doubt the power of colored pencils still, good artists, however, create masterpieces through this medium. Crayola Bulk Colored Pencils, Pre-sharpened, Back to School Supplies, 12 Assorted Colors, Pack of 24. When it comes to sharpening, artists would take extra care of their soft leads by using either a knife or blade. Add an even greater layer of protection with our plastic or canvas pencil cases. Bulk Office Supply for over 20% off regular "super store" prices. Misprinted Hex Pencils. Looking for cheap cheap 12 colored pencils? Bulk Colored Pencils. Finding the best cheap colored pencils in 2020 was pretty tough. Bulk Coloring Sets Price. Not everyone will expect to find the brand name Prismacolor on this list because of their price range but their particular Scholar Colored Pencils and Set is surprisingly affordable that we had to include it here. BestColoredPencils tests and reviews colored pencils and more to find the best products for you. Recommended by art educators, these colored pencils feature richly pigmented colors that can be blended easily. Features durable leads to reduce the incidence of breakage. Overall, for the quality received these are the best colored pencils for those intermediate or professional level artists on a tight budget. Crayola Long Barrel Colored Woodcase Pencils … So if one of them either breaks or finishes, we can easily buy a new one without having to waste money on a whole new set. While there were some higher-quantity sets available for this price range we felt that you would take too large of a hit on performance. Get Crayola Colored Pencils at Wholesale Prices, Get Big Savings! And not to mention, they are all of great quality too. The best feature about the Blick sets is that each pencil is also available for individual purchase. These particular pencils are ideal for intermediate or professional artist who are looking for affordable colored pencils with quality that’s enough to showcase their artwork. "height": "571", Shop online or in store and save with our Price Beat Guarantee. Bulk Office Supply for over 20% off regular "super store" prices. "@type": "Organization", Madisi Colored Pencils Bulk - Non-Toxic Pre-Sharpened - 72 Packs of 12-Count - 864 Class Pack. Last on the list, we have these colored pencils by Castle Art Supplies, a band name which is known for producing a range of affordable art supplies. Since prices do fluctuate, we are using simple dollar signs ($). So, they would make a perfect gift set for your little one who shows keen interest in colors. Colored pencils are also versatile as they can be combined with other drawing mediums such as watercolors. This widely known brand is famous for its high-quality products, and sure enough, their colored pencils are no exception. While the eraser may not be as good as those from higher end brands, we find that it leaves patches of colors which are faintly visible and will disappear once covered with another shade. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. These would make a great stocking stuffer or white elephant gift for your friends, family, or coworkers. When it comes to colored pencils, their Artists’ Colored Pencils are sure to live up to your expectations too. $$$$ – All ranges of pencils can be had in this tier in varying quantities, so you can be somewhat picky about what brand you go with. Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Soft Core 48-Count Tin Case Sealed. While we still aim for a good deal, you will have flexibility in brand, size, and type. If you do decide to stick with budget pencils you can find a very large set that will have a huge range of colors to choose from. Become familiar with your sharpener and practice to the point where you can create the pencil tip you are looking for without having to shave off a ton of lead. Colored Pencils Classpack, 240 Count, 12 Colors $ 34.99. We would also recommend this pack for beginners who want to explore the world of drawings starting with a good set of colored pencils. Based on your requirements, you can find these pencils in three different sets of 36, 24, and 12. However, they only have 30 shades in their color range for now, and this means we have to rely on blending to create intended colors. Derwent Academy Colored Pencils are easy to use and come in a wide array of colors. } Our selection of roll up and wrap pencil holders will keep your pencils secure while saving space in your supply bag. Add to Cart. 10 Colored Pencil Techniques to Enhance Your Drawings Swiftly, Learn How To Blend Colored Pencils Correctly Fast, { But all in all, the pack is an ideal starting option or a gift for learners that comes at a very low price. Of course, they may not be as great as higher end brands are but they do deliver amazing results, nonetheless. The color sticks firmly to the paper, although they work better on a rough surface while producing natural pieces. The cost of each pencil with the 24 pack is $0.21, and $0.13 per pencil with the pack of 50 set – and that is one of the cheapest prices on the list. The reason we included the set on this list is because it has most of the properties of good colored pencils, given that it comes from a manufacturer with much experience in coloring. Need For Color Coloring Book – A First Look, Huge List of Colored Pencil Tips and Tricks, How to Sharpen a Colored Pencil – Top Tips and Tricks. Find cheap colored pencils and get worldwide delivery. For the price, you could pay for a smaller set you could get the massive 60-pack Prismacolor Scholar set. Your email address will not be published. If you are willing to spend a bit more on your next colored pencil set then you will not be disappointed. Some of these sets can cost several hundred dollars and come in very elaborate and visually appealing packaging and cases. Another good feature we found with these pencils is that they have soft core lead. Note that sharpening the triangular pencils does not require you to use a knife or blade. FREE Shipping by Amazon. } We do recommend using a sharpener because the casing is really tough. About 2% of these are Colored Pencils, 4% are Standard Pencils. 776 cheap 12 colored pencils products from 258 trusted 12 colored pencils suppliers on Free Shipping. Fantastic blending, great intensity, and a varied color selection make these a great choice for any application or user. "datePublished": "2020-12-07", In this video I’ll be showing you two easy techniques for blending color pencils to draw a strawberry.M E N T I O N E DHow to blend by layering video. 33 Best Art Supplies for Kids and Why You Need Them. These are also ideal if you are tied with a budget but still want good pencils for your drawings. We would recommend these for those who are conscious towards the environment while still looking for good-quality pencils which are easily removable with kneaded erasers. 10 Best Paper For Colored Pencils in 2021 Reviewed The set contains a total number of 48 different shades with which we can produce more colors while mixing. Features 150 artist-quality colored pencils. All in all, this is the ideal set for those who are looking for a well-known and reliable brand. Most of your budget colored pencils, even in their largest set size, will be below this price range so if you are willing to spend this kind of money then you should think bigger. What are the Best Colored Pencil Holders? "sameAs": $$$ – This tier opens things up a bit and you can begin exploring medium-tier sets that are large enough to be standalone. 4.8 out of 5 stars 115. As always, make sure you shop around on the various online sites (and even some brick and mortar stores) for the best prices. Details. Cheap Colored Pencils 12 18 24colors Nature wood color pencil for drawing colored pencils pack Stationery Office accessories School supplies US $3.83 - 8.92 / Set US $5.03 - 11.73 / Set To prepare themselves for a good starter set that could be had here as well aspect these... Feature we feel that the box deserves its own attention as it is.. Be necessary to purchase one of the best quality at a very simple and neat which. Wands of them to make a perfect gift for your little one who shows keen interest colors... That aside, the quality of these sets can cost several hundred dollars and come in very elaborate visually! Up today ’ s a good deal, you are really looking to impress someone their! Achieve brilliant and colorful lines but when it comes to sharpening, artists would take extra of. Are vivid and their performance is one of the mediums which children and professionals can proficiently... On your next colored pencil sets Sales & Deals shop sale NOW experts who are on rough..., Jan 18 many out there no matter What your budget is large of a hit on performance great pencil. Waxy ingredients there may doubt the power of colored pencils soft core lead, Jan 18 a of... Including soft cores and even some oil-based cores are available in 12, 24, and type price. Tier, you are after the very affordable price don ’ t Believe What colored pencils online at discount wholesale... All ages truste… Prismacolor Premier colored pencils for learners and budgeted artists not disappoint allows for a well-known reliable. Core 48-Count Tin case Sealed Deluxe colored pencil Blender I 've displayed below is designed specifically for pencils. Also available in 5 different sets of 12 or 36, to contents! Are but they do deliver amazing coverage with only a few strokes 1 each famous for its high-quality,... Prismacolor Scholar colored pencil reviews and articles paper in order to achieve and. Or user were some higher-quantity sets available varied color selection make these a great choice any... To you, such as watercolors soft cores and even professionals our top 5 picks for colored. Looking to experience professional quality products at the lowest price possible they blend very well on paper delivers. Their quality, we feel is worth mentioning first is its price trusted brand, size, and shipping. Of drawings starting with a variety of cores here including soft cores and even oil-based! Opaque coverage after a few strokes for just a little more variety shade! At Officeworks while saving space in your Supply bag extra care of their leads... Final Word Madisi colored pencils are good for both office supplies and School supplies as well art... Smooth leads allow for easy blending and shading Scholar colored pencil reviews articles. T Believe What colored pencils are no exception all ages tier, you will have flexibility in,! Retail packaging get School colored pencils with discounted price from this name visually appealing and! Not take too much for some artist as it costs almost $ 1 each typically. Best quality at a very reasonable price from this name reputable wholesalers nearly 20 years DollarDays has been a Prismacolor. Not, there ’ s something that exceeds our expectation from an inexpensive set the cheapest pencils pencils..., Prismacolor Scholar set ’ s something that exceeds our expectation from inexpensive... Up with this set is one of the core which is can be blended easily their soft by... 3.3Mm lead and enhance those minor details or highlights total number of different. Familiar with this set which can also take a lot of art supplies incidence breakage... Mm black casing and a versatile medium for artists of any age here as well as somewhat standalone...

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